Our offer

We specialize in the assembly and welding of technological installations made of carbon and stainless steel. Additionally, we weld tanks, steel structures, bridges, and components in the railway industry. We work with both carbon and stainless steel. Additionally, we weld duplex/superduplex steels, boiler steels: P91, P92, 13CrMo4-5, and titanium.


Welding services

Our welders hold appropriate certificates and skills. Through their years of experience in the industry, they are able to construct structures, installations, and pipelines from various types of steel. By selecting them for specific projects and scopes of work, we ensure the high-quality execution of welds.

  • TIG welding method (141)
  • MMA welding method (111)
  • MAG welding method (135/136)
  • orbital welding

Assembly services

Our fitters are proficient in isometric drawing. They have experience in assembling steel structures and pipelines. Working on prefabrication and projects, they demonstrate the necessary competencies to perform tasks according to the assigned technical documentation.

  • pipeline assembly
  • assembly of steel structures

Execution teams

In addition to welders and fitters, we provide supervisor oversight, foremen, welder supervisors, and quality controllers who have gained their experience on projects in Poland and abroad. We also conduct non-destructive testing VT, PT, MT, and UT. Our specialized supervisory staff, along with welders and fitters, can comprehensively execute a given structure, ensuring proper quality.

They trusted us


We present our latest projects covering the scope of our activities. Our work represents diverse projects with an emphasis on precision, modern technologies, and efficiency. We are ready to take on challenges in realizing ambitious endeavors. If you are looking for a partner for large-scale projects, feel free to contact us.

Administration: +48 790 490 409
Technical office: +48 791 845 340

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